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Summer Pop Up, London


Southbank Centre, London

Completion Date

Annually between April-September

Size of Project

500* sqm

Scope of works

Concept for the area, Design, Planning &Delivery

(Temporary Architecture, Graphics)

Our client

After two years working together, indirectly, in 2018 we were approached by the team at the Southbank  Centre to design their summer pop up under the Hungerford Bridge and have since continued to collaborate annually.

The Southbank Centre is the land owner of the grounds between the Hungerford Bridge and the Waterloo Bridge and as a charity, they are committed to supporting the local community. This includes providing small businesses a place to trade from.

southbank pop up 1b © atelier EURA

The Proposal

With the lessons learnt from previous years, from 2018, we treated this space as an unified temporary public square that functions as such from the beginning of May until the end of September.


The two food traders are located at both ends defining the extend of the space and the the bar sits in the middle to serve the entire square from.

The geometry  of the enclosing walls and other components have been changing over the years to incorporate the needs and priorities required by both our client and traders.

© atelier EURA
Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 09.57.08.png
© atelier EURA
© atelier EURA
© atelier EURA
southbank pop up 5 © atelier EURA
© atelier EURA
© atelier EURA
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